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Suntont Tech CEO Lead Management Team to Visit Huawei

From Aug.29th to Aug.30th, Fei Zhanbo, Suntron Tech chairman, led the company executives and Henan Telecom to visit Huawei Sakata headquarters in Shenzhen, which discuss with Li Jinge, President of HUAWEI Asia Pacific. Three parties signed a Memorandum of Understanding to promote the development of NB-IoT.

Mr.Fei visited the headquarters of Huawei Park and EBC hall, and had a deep  understanding of Huawei’s development history, a comprehensive cloud networking, cloud management Park, NB-IoT networking solutions, data center infrastructure, one-stop enterprise cloud communication and other aspects of the situation.

After the visitation, Huawei company warmly invited Suntront Tech to participate in the "2017 HUAWEI all link conference", in order to further explore the cooperation model, and promote the development of NB-IoT project.

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