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China Water Industry NB-IoT Ecological Conference Came to A Successful Ending

In August 3rd,  Suntront Technology together with Huawei and China Telecom successfully held the China Water Industry NB-IoT Ecological Conference in Zhengzhou, Henan, which marks that a new generation of Internet technology (NB-IoT) officially put into commercial use in Henan. Henan Province Development and Reform Commission, Henan Communications Authority, China Urban Water Supply and Drainage Association, Henan IOT Industry Association, the city water companies of major cities and industry executives and financial securities units and other nearly 200 government enterprises and institutions attended the meeting.

The conference focused on the water industry, focusing on the Internet of things infrastructure construction, promoting and using of the IOT new technologies and products in the field of intelligent water.

Suntront Technology chairman , Fei Zhanbo in the General Assembly speech.

At the meeting, China Telecom Henan branch, HUAWEI, and Suntront Technology signed a strategic cooperation agreement, aiming to jointly build the Henan Internet of things industry ecosystem, building an ecological cube and create new value.

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