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Suntront Science and Technology Testing Center achieve CNAS certification

Suntront Science and Technology Testing Center got CNAS certification, which formally indicates that Suntront has the third-party certificate of ability to carry out specific conformity assessment.

CNAS——China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment. CNAS accreditation for a test center is extremely demanding, including its hardware facilities, management level and technical strength. Therefore, after being recognized by CNAS, it not only means that the test report issued by the testing center is scientific and rigorous and can be recognized by relevant national departments and the whole industry, so as to provide quality assurance for products, but also promote product iteration based on the support of big data as the source of innovation.

"One certification, multi-recognition"

With CNAS certification, test data issued by Suntront will be recognised by IAF, ILAC, APLAC and etc. In short, CNAS certification can achieve "one certification, multi-recognition", greatly enhancing the credibility and influence of tested products. In other words, it means that the quality management system and product testing capability of Suntront have been internationally recognized.

A large amount of testing projects recognized by CNAS in Suntront.

Suntront focuses on water meter, gas meter and heat meter to carry out measurement characteristics, electrical performance and electromagnetic compatibility testing. Nearly 50 testing items have been approved by CNAS. For each approved test item, the test center is required to have test equipment, professional operators and standard test procedures that meet CNAS certification standards. At present, Suntront has been recognized by CNAS testing projects to reach the largest and most complete in the industry.

Suntront technology engine.

At present, in smart meter and smart energy field, very few enterprises has the CNAS. The recognition of Suntront Science and Technology Testing Center by CNAS not only symbolizes the technological precipitation of Suntront technology, but also lays a better foundation for its research and development in the field of intelligent energy. CNAS certification will not only greatly enhance the international competitiveness of Suntront technology, but also introduce the most advanced methods and experience into China through international cooperation and exchange between testing centers.

With the scientific research and testing center as the "technology engine", Suntront technology promotes the overall improvement of R&D, mass production and manufacturing standards in the whole industry. We hope that we can manage our entire industrial chain with global quality standards and the best quality management level in China.

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