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2019 Suntront Annual Meeting Enter a New Era

Zhengzhou, Jan. 28th, 2019---The annual meeting marks the successful conclusion of the one-year work; the annual meeting is the common Spring Festival for every staff in the

company; the annual meeting is accompanied by a sense of ritual in the past glory and future prospects. On January 28, 2019, Suntront 2019 Annual Meeting Ceremony was

grandly opened in Suntront Technology Industrial Park. More than 1,000 staffs and Management Team attended the ceremony.

Mr. Chang Mingsong, CEO of Suntront Technology, delivered a speech.

From the aspects of business performance, operational efficiency and management reform, Mr. Chang conducted in-depth analysis of the work in 2018 and found the pain points and

summarize failure lessons. Facing the future, Mr. Chang said that only by adhering to the correct strategic direction and building a solid corporate foundation around the market,

resources, talents, technology and standards, can we get out of our own path of innovation and development.

Drum dance performance opened a new chapter of the evening. Then the song, crosstalk, magic shows push the evening party to the climax.

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