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Suntront Exhibit NB-IoT Meter in Huawei Connect 2018

Shanghai, China, October 16, 2018-HUAWEI CONNECT is a conference for the global ICT ecosystem, where industry leaders share ideas, explore technologies, and join forces for shared growth. Suntront as a partner of Huawei, were invited to attend conference

At the Conference, Suntront Technology brought the NB-IoT smart meter solution to the booth. In response to the new round of technological changes brought about by the development of the future Internet of Things, Suntront Technology took the lead in launching NB-IoT products in the industry, and obtained Huawei technology double certification and passed the test of Tell Lab. At the same time, Suntront became the first enterprise in the smart instrument industry to obtain the NB-IoT telecom equipment network access license.

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