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World Gas Conference 2018: Suntront Tech Attract High Attention

Washington DC -June 25-29, 2018- The 27th World Gas Conference is the largest and most high-profile global gas conference and

 exhibition. From June 25- 29, 2018, The World Gas Conference is expected to host 12,000 attendees, 500 speakers, 350 exhibitors,

                        representing more than 600 companies from 100 countries. Suntront Tech participated in the exhibition as a leader of China Smar Meter Enterprise.

At the Expo, Suntront Technology shows multi types of NB-IoT gas meter and system solution to the world. With its compact design

    and tailor-made solutions, it has attracted a large number of gas utility and distribution industries to visit our booth. Such as Indian Gas

Company, Indonesian Gas Company, Italian Gas Company, Argentine Gas Company, Malaysian Gas Company, Korean Gas Company,

as well as Australia, Turkey, Germany, Mexico, Canada, Nigeria, Pakistan, Dubai, etc.

At this exhibition, Suntront Technology adopts an end-to-end Smart Gas Control Integrated Cloud Platform with new media payment

                            management technology, which brings visitors a new management mode experience, creating unlimited possibilities for the construction of “Smart City”.

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