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SUNTRONT Attends China International Wisdom Agricultural Equipment and Technology Exhibition

Beijing-26th March, 2018- The 6th China(Beijing) International Wisdom Agricultural Equipment and Technology Exhibition(CWAE) is an annual national agriculture business negotiation and technology information exchange, which will be hold on March 26-28 at Beijing Exhibition Center.

Suntront Technology “Smart Agricultural Water Saving Cloud Service System” consist of four major energy management systems: irrigation water automation system, irrigation automation and water and fertilizer integration system, farmland environment automatic monitoring system, and smart agricultural water saving cloud service platform, with the advantage of optimizing water utilization, ensuring access to safe water, water and fertilizer integration and integrating IOT and agriculture

No matter where you are, you can remotely complete irrigation with a mobile phone.  More than 30% water and fertilizer is saved, and efficiently reduce the cost of water, electricity and labor, and promote the innovation and application of efficient water-saving technologies in agriculture.

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